Back in 1994 when I predicted that the Repubs would take over, my friends snickered behind my back. This year when I suggested that the Dems would run the table, my friends gave me that crazy look questioning my sanity.

There’s a beautiful thing about elections, whether your side wins or loses. All at once politicians have to shut up and let Voters speak. And, the next day, the world seems so  different when the results comes in.

It could be better or worse, depending on your viewpoint or stakes in the process.  You may think, as Repubs did in 1994, that all has now been set right in the world with the Contract With America. You may think, as Dems do today, that the Contract Have Expired.

Whatever, it was to the point and decisive. Most people thinks everything changes, but a wake-up reality call needs to hit us. The winners start writing position papers and inaugural speeches, dreaming of inserting more pork in the budget.  The losers sits around bitchin about how the people have spoken all the while polishing up their resumes.

Well FOLKS, this  year, the people spoke loud and clear:

Democrats started smelling the White House.
Donald Rumsfeld got the heave-ho.
Republicans started worrying that they are being politically marginalized.

Conservatives starts thinking the Repubs have abandon them.

Liberals starts thinking they have a mandate.
Independents know they hold the key to the madness of 2008.

Candidates have already started campaigning for 2008.

Well for all the winners and losers alike, please allow me remind you:  How did you feel at this time two years ago? How did you feel in 1994? Would you have predicted this then? I doubt it.

You can take this to the bank. You’ll be just as surprised two years from now.

Bush’s Did Some Fast Fancy  Footwork.
George Bush ran a terrible midterm campaign that Roved out in the end, but he made a swift recovery the day after the election by dumping Rumsfeld. He stole the cable headlines and the front pages from Nancy Pelosi and the Dems. The Dems are more likely to help Bush pass his Immigration bill, opening up a can of worms for 2008.

In 1994, President Clinton stumbled and staggered for weeks while Newt Gingrich dominated the news. Bush was savvy enough to avoid that mistake. He put himself back into play with one bold, decisive, audacious stroke and Karl Rove was no where around.

In politics, speed kills. How happy will everyone be in 2008?