We already won the Iraq war: Saddam Hussein was ousted from power and now awaits execution in a jail cell, and Iraqis cast ballots in so-called free elections (at least, by Middle East standards). Whether we pull out tomorrow or in three months or in one year years or in five years, the result will always remain the same. This country will eventually become a full scale civil war and like most of the Middle East remain a hotbed of instability and chaos. Us being there will only delay it. So, let’s set a time table to disengage or start using all our force to win this damn thing. We have helped them and now they need to help themselves or get the hell out of the way and let the soldiers protect themselves.

For us to pretend otherwise is to simply allow more and more American soldiers to die or be maimed for no good reason.

Let’s let them determine their future. I don’t know if it needs to be partitioned into three separate nations [Sunni], [Shiite] or [Kurdish]. It worked in  India/Pakistan.

We need to support our brave American men and women in uniform, and remove them from harms way. I don’t like to see dead American soldiers coming home in coffins, (we must remember Viet Nam). With a new Democratic Congress, already filled with rhetoric, when can we expect some sensible solutions.  Can the new Congress continue this simply masochistic and outrageous  insanity. As of today, there have been 2,864 US soldiers killed in Iraq (and over 20,000 wounded). How many more need to die before it’s time to understand this war is out of our hands.  Congress, Mr. President get off your butts and Let’s figure out when to bring our soldiers home.