Word has it that Al Gore is wanting to run for President, and it pisses me off to no end.

I’m reprinting a column I wrote about Al in 2000. Nothing has changed and I don’t care about his oscar or his environmental gibberish. Go away Al.. Go Away!!!

Al Gore has got to be the most chameleon-like man I have ever heard. One day he is bashing businesses like mad, and at the same time Ole Joe Liberman is trotting over to tell business people not to take him serious; it’s just politics. Gore rants and raves about the entertainment industry and then gets hush-hush when he attends their megabucks fundraisers and laps and sucks at their troughs of ready cash. Folks, if this guy is elected, you can bet that the “Lincoln Bedroom” will be up for rental and you and I need not apply.

Al claims to be a pseudo-intellectual, but he doesn’t know that Black people don’t care much for intellectuals. We prefer a gusty, lying, hip guy like Bill Clinton.  Now Ole Al flat out stretched the truth about his mother-in-law, Margaret Ann Atecheson(“With a name like that, she should be charged extra, paying $108 a month for the arthritis drug Lodine, while his dog Shiloh gets the drug under another name for $27.00 a month. Folks, please..A dog named Shiloh.. What we have here is a failure to communicate. What Ole Al failed to tell us was that the human dose is much higher than the animal dose. Also the patent has expired and a generic version costs about a quarter of the branded version. Al, we all know a Lexus cost more than a Ford, even though both will get you to the store. Al has a history about embellishing facts about himself and issues. Next thing you know he’ll be taking credit for creating the names Jamal and Hotisha and Tyrone.

Black voters, wake up. Ole Al is more concerned about winning back the Reagan Democrats and Blue-Collar workers in America.They can’t win the average white voter, by business bashing, they have to talk about individuals and appeal to the middle class rather than the poor. We all know that the middle class is so large, the rich so few, and benefits are so expensive; the rich won’t pay for it, so you have a higher premium (tax) for Medicare. Now folks that is clever, but reeks of slick Willie doing the James Brown.

The tax increase hits all Medicare recipients, not just those who need it. As usual, the middle class will be soaked and will pay it, because they can look down their noses at their poorer brethren and sneer and playa-hate on their rich friends. Al should tell you, black people, that poor people can’t pay for things, hell, they have no money in the first place and wouldn’t let the government take their money anyway. Have you ever heard of lawyers and accountants, that’s what rich people  have. Middle class people have what OLE Al really likes, “Steady Paychecks” and as that great American, Don King would say..Only in America..Only in America. AL GO HOME!!!