From: theGreatThinker:

Okay folks… It time to get down to business. I have reframed from commenting on the presidential race with the noted exception, that it is preposterous to question whether Barack Obama is Black.

I’m not ready to weigh in on who I’ll support, but when I do you will be E-Blasted for 7(seven straight days) and then I expect you to get behind the candidate of your choice, no hard feeling here, but remember,”In Politics, You Have No Permanent Friends or Enemies. nuff said.

I will only address 5(five) candidates.

1. John Edwards enjoys the populous side right now and he is struggling to be heard, but eventually, his southern roots will propel him into a player.

2. John McCain is a National hero and quite frankly I’m in agreement that we need to elect younger leaders with fresh ideas, but he remains a decorated war hero, a POW to boot, so don’t dismiss him, even though his flip flopping pandering to conservative makes one wonder.

3. Rudy Giuliani is a very attractive candidate, big city mayor, post 911 hero, wall street connections, pro-choice(at least yesterday he was) pro gun control and a moderate on most social issues, unless you ask the majority of African Americans, who he had a contentious relationship with him when he was mayor of the Big Apple. His beef with the firefighter’s union is another obstacle. Conservatives don’t trust him, but they are fearful, that HRC will be the nominee and have spent countless dollars trying to derail her candidacy. He will have to win NY in a general election, HRC and Obama will not be easy for him.

4&5. Obama and Hillary.

Well, they are so much a like, with almost identical voting records. Lately they have been high chest-ing each other and this is the problem. Both want and need the same voters. MINORITIES, WOMEN, LABOR UNIONS, and YOUNG  PEOPLE. Don’t be fooled, all the barbs being tossed by supporters is coming directly from both campaigns. They are similar to the Crips and Bloods, both after the same afore mentioned groups. Like heavy weight boxers, they are trying to mobilize and knock the other out, but believe me, this is a 12 round contest.

4. Obama faces the race factor, especially in the South, where there are lots of Black Voters, but also the South is the South, still populated with Red-Necks and Black-Necks too. Some disguise themselves as conservatives, but race is not very far from anything that goes on in the South. Black-Necks are southern folks suffering from the Willie Lynch syndrome, amidst self hatred, jealousy and crab like tendencies, that can doom a candidate. Obama presents quite a challenge, he’s good looking, new, fresh, dynamic and women like his looks, plus he has a Black wife which will help him with Black female voters, but he can not count on the Black Vote like Jesse did. His inner circle of many whites seems to be protected of him, making his inaccessible to Black folks, unlike Jesse and Al Sharpton campaigns. There’s still quite a large number of Black folks, who don’t trust brothers that hang to close to whites. In the hood, Blacks talk about Michael Jordan, the ballplayer, but when they discuss Magic Johnson, they talk about the man. I do think its a bad omen to have the blessing of those left wing nuts in California. They think TV and the Movies represent America.. Wrong!!! The establishment still have not got around to inserting the correct spelling of Obama’s name into spell check. One wonders?

5. HRC is the darling of many established folks, who would kill their mama to get GWB out of the White House. Hillary represents that persona of being female, being elected and being married to Bill. Need I say more. She personifies what NY is all about. She will not concede the Black vote to Obama and frankly, I’m waiting for HRC to fully unleash her secret weapon, mainly Bill Clinton and his friends led by Vernon Jordan. Obama is playing on HRC turf by storming NY, raising lots of money in her back yard, but believe me, she will fight back with vengeances to protect her flank. Her job is to convince Black voters that Obama can’t win. Money will play a vital role, because sooner or later, all the minor candidates will falter. HRC should be blessed to have Hollywood against her, because those clowns can only raise money, because they think real life is tinsel town, and the last winner they backed was Bill Slick Willie Clinton. HRC has  build strong ties to Black elected officials, and you know once a Black is elected, they die in office. Follow the money folks.

Okay, you have heard from me, and my finally, let me caution you,  Black voters will not vote simply to make a racial statement, and they will not necessary support HRC because she is married to Bill.
They both need these same voters and expect this race to get into a vicious, nasty, mud slinging
contest before its over. When I make up my mind who to back, I will be punching, kicking, E-Blasting, passing on rumors, trying to convince you to support my candidate, and posting positive things about my choice every day, looking for the winning edge. I continue to welcome your input on the BLOG and will ever be grateful for the support you give my site. Once I have declared, opposing views will not be welcome. I wish all candidates well, but someone is going down.


ps-why do you democrats continue to let theGOPBrain run rough shed over yall in the Blog?