It seems every time Al and Jesse weigh in on something, we spend two time dissecting why and when and a whole lot of non-sense about Al and Jesse. We NEED to look at ourselves. It’s not all the fault of the rappers and young people. Old azz folks like the NAACP contributed to this non-sense. You as a parent, a uncle, aunt, cousin a friend contributes by doling out cash to kids, friends kids, cousins and don’t have the slightest idea what they  are buy with the cash we give. Ask you white friends to stop giving their kids money to buy the trashy lyrics,(since they buy 70% of rap records). In about a month, some smart punk will have a CD by the name of “Nappy Head Ho’s” and a Video on BET, and it will sell because folks will buy it. I had to read my kids the riot act a long time about Tupac. He made a song cursing C. Delores Tucker out by calling her all kinds of Mothers#$%#$%  , then made a CD called “All Eyes On Me” and it sold damn near 10 million copies, but then the NAACP comes along and nominates this joker for a NAACP Image Award. But, folks like Tupac and his mama, so he gets a free ride.

Yall ever wonder why when something happens, the media runs to Al and Jesse like they are our leaders, well, they will have something to say, regardless. What we must understand is, some people

follow Al, some folks follow Jesse, some folks follow TD Jakes, some follow Farrakhan, some follow Bush, some follow Clinton, so we need to stop spending so much time worrying about others and give them credit and then worry about what we are doing to better our race. All the white racists know they can get an audience with those guys.

Let’s be for real and understand that Al has been bitching (no pun intended)  and screaming for over two years about Black rappers denigrating Black women. He has also gone after the record companies that makes most of the money. I had a friend called me last night about the Duke case and started gloating about egg on Jesse’s face after offering the accuser a scholarship. I had to cut the fool off in mid-sentence and explain what Jesse actually  said about giving her a scholarship. He said “if she wanted an education that bad to dance naked for men, he would give her a scholarship”, which my pastor echoed. That damn Eminem  has called Black women some terrible things in the name of art, but he gets a pass because people likes his music. You need to ask your preacher to speak about the evils of self hatred and what name calling does to harm folks instead of blaming the damn devil for everything. I’m hoping the Imus situation is the beginning of the end of this non-sense, it will be if you step up to the plate and take a stand, not just verbally, but financially, because in America, the final call is always about money. When the corporations started to withdraw their ads from CBS and MSNBC, added to other voices, Imus was gone, so you see how you can help change things, but changes is not for the weak. Will you commit? Click On I’ll Commit.


One last word on IMUS. How can anyone who looks like him say anything about how another person looks.