It looks like the Democrats will have a short rule in DC. They talked tough about ending the war last year while campaigning, but it looks like the desire for political comfort won out over real action, after the Democratic Congressional Leadership’s capitulation on Tuesday to the Bush White House on Iraq War funding. Pelosi, Hoyer and company can try to bull us as much as they want, wrap it in thick rhetorical trimming, and spin, whining and lying, but they shamefully lost their nerve this week on the single most important political issue facing our nation today.

Democratic leaders seemed to have forgotten they recaptured majority status largely on angry voter backlash to Bush’s blood letting, failed and seemingly never-ending military occupation of Iraq. Also the Immigration bill compromise will come back to haunt Democrats in 2008. We should send all those idiots from the CBC(Congressional Black Caucus) home over this bill.

Its becoming increasing clear that current Democratic leaders don’t have the guts to be real leaders, and will be out of office after the next elections.