“Justice Gone Bad”Justice Gone Bad http://www.blackpagestoday.com/justicegonebad.html Sign Our Online Petition To The State of North Carolina http://www.blackpagestoday.com/justicegonebad.htmlAs you know, we have been following the case of Melvin Bynum vs State of North Carolina for the past 3 years. http://marnitabynum.com  A plea deal that allows a minister who killed his wife to serve no more than seven years in prison amounts to getting away with murder, the Richmond County sheriff said. Recently it has come to our attention that the convicted murderer of this young woman is scheduled for a custody hearing on July 1, 2007. Talking about Justice Un-Served. He brutally murdered his wife and got off with a slap on the wrist. see  “Melvin Bynum vs State of NC” http://www.blackpagestoday.com/bynumvsncs.htmlThe department of corrections plans to determine if the Reverend Melvin Bynum(that’s right) he is a so-called preacher”, should be placed in a lower custody classification. In other words, they will review and determine if he should go from a medium facility to a minimum facility or less. We are asking all our members and visitors to send a letter  “SAMPLE LETTER” http://www.blackpagestoday.com/bynumemail.html to the custody review board on Marnita Bynum’s behalf.  The letter doesn’t have to be thorough it just needs to be clear, concise and to the point that this crooked preacher should not be move to a minimum security facility. This sample letter will give  you a general idea of how to format your own letter. The hearing date is approaching and I think that it is in our best interest if these letters reach the custody board no later than Friday, June 15, 2007. Input is vital. Our letters can have a major impact on the outcome of his custody hearing. Even in death, this woman can’t get  any justice. Let’s keeping fighting on Marnita’s behalf, and send a message that a Black Woman’s life is as valuable as anyone’s else. 

God bless.