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NORTH CAROLINA Polls : A new WTVD-TV/SurveyUSA poll gives us an early snapshot of next year’s gubernatorial primaries. The Democrats: Lieutenant Governor Bev Perdue – 47%, State Treasurer Richard Moore – 38%. The Republicans: attorney Bill Graham – 26%, State Senator Fred Smith – 24%, former Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr – 15%.

In a major coup, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) scored the endorsement Wednesday of influential televangelist Pat Robertson. A 1988 White House hopeful, Robertson runs the Christian Broadcasting Network and is the former national president of the Christian Coalition. The endorsement of Giuliani came as a surprise to leaders in the Religious Right movement, who warned for months that many Evangelical conservatives would back a pro-life third party candidate or stay home in November if the pro-choice Giuliani is the Republican nominee.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd reported on current polling trends he’s seeing in surveys prepared for NBC/Wall Street Journal. Here are some excerpts: “General distrust of government is not a new phenomenon; it has been the fuel for electoral upheaval for decades. But it’s important to note that there may be evidence of a much angrier and anxious electorate than either party is preparing for in 2008. How angry are you?