Presidential candidate Barack Obama wrapped up a three-day swing through Florida on Friday, with a rally in Broward County chasing Cubans– the largest Democratic base in the state. A crowd of 20,000 braved heavy afternoon rains outside as they lined-up to pass through security checkpoints to attend the rally, some waiting  in line outside cheered Obama, as he praised rival Hillary Clinton for the race she ran for the nomination, frequently distinguished his views from those of John McCain hinting that electing McCain would (“a third Bush term”), and vowed to aggressively compete in Florida in the general election with frequent visits.
Obama said he was willing as President to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro to discuss improving relations between the two countries coupled with an improvement in human rights in Cuba. He also called for an immediate end to the restrictions on Cuban-Americans traveling to Cuba and sending money home to relatives still living on the island. Obama received several standing ovations from the CANF audience during his remarks. Fidel Castro’s own estranged daughter — a prominent anti-communist leader in Miami’s exile community — warmly praised Obama afterwards. “I believe he is the only candidate who has spoken sincerely about the intentions that he has toward Cuba.
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