This is Big Loo and I am super excited to be covering the DNC and hope to keep you informed about what’s going on .I am staying at the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver. As you well know, I am not a fan of Joe ( The Good, Great, Bad and Ugly) Biden, so I’ll leave this city as soon as he speaks.
Sharing a room with a old buddy from NY and our Political Guru, Ms Burnetta Graves, who will be blogging from this city. Magic is in the air and security is tighten than Ft Knox. Had a chance to speak with Brad Thompson and Everette Ward, a super delegate from NC. Both are very hush mouth about what is expected from the Clintons. Had a nice slice of cheese cake and washed it down with a bottle of apple cider/non-alcohol.
What not to expect from me here in Denver. I will not mention gays/lesbians and I will try not to be to cruel to the Clintons. I look forward to seeing some old friends and political colleagues.

I saw a bunch of anti-war activists marching through downtown Denver on this evening even before the Democratic convention get started, waving signs and chanting, “Stop the torture, stop the war. That’s what we’re fighting for.
Hold on and I’ll report more tomorrow, but the speakers tomorrow doesn’t invoke any enthusiastic on my part with the exception of Michelle Obama.
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Cell phones works great out here.
see ya