March 14, 2009

Blogging the Wayne County Convention

Today, I’m  blogging the Wayne County Republican Convention

Approximate 100 people showed up on a nasty gloomy day.

Today, we are live blogging the Wayne County Convention, at 8:30 a.m. at the Wayne Center in Goldsboro.  

Wayne County Chairman Mark Corbett, also a candidate for reelection, introduced a speaker from the Freedom Works, Robin Staudt,  and she was sort of long winded, causing me a little discomfort because this was my first public appearance without the aid of my hummer(Hub-Around Wheel Chair). NC State Senator David Rouser, State Rep. Efton Sager, County Commissioners, Steve Keen, Andy Anderson and Sheriff Carey Winters all spoke. Letters was read from NC Senator Richard Burr and candidates running for the NC chair. The ongoing theme was a call for new and younger people to get involved and work toward the 2010 elections. New officers was elected and we will see If we chart a new direction. My advice to Wayne Repubs is to keep a line of communication open within the African-American communities and don’t just interact within when we are having a general election. My good friend, Dorothy Hardy, Syl Wilkerson and another unknown African American showed up, giving us a total of 4 out of 100. This is unacceptable, because we need to be in both parties.